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It's 28 too late to start PE?

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  • It's 28 too late to start PE?

    I'm 28 and I never had sex because I'm very insicure about the size of my dick ( I have 5,9 inch lenght and 4,7 inch girth ). I still think that a women would laugh seeing my pecker.
    What about smoke? I've been told that smoking can reduce your erect size, even a quarter of inch.
    Some suggestion? ( sorry for the bad english, it's not my mother language )

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    Your size is spot on average. Why would a woman laugh at that. You are missing out on a lot, go out, have sex and enjoy yourself.

    It's never too late to start PE exercises. I'm 55 and there are many members here that are even older than that.
    To totally satisfy a woman sexually is not about having a large penis, it's about being a good lover.


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      Yeah man, i don't feel like you and i'm below this .. come on don't make me feel depressed here!
      Seriously now, 5.9" is just fine, go have some fun and throw your insecurities away.
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        There are men in their 70s who've started this type of training with good results!
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          I started when I was 68 and have gained about 1" in both length and girth. My wife never complained about my 5.5" X 4.4" dick over the past 46 years.
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            Hey man,
            I'm 27 and 6,1 inch length and 4,1 inch girth. So about the same length as you but quite thinner. I have to tell you it is a shame that your insecurity is stopping your from living a normal sex life. I've been insecured too, but you have to realize that it's all in your head.
            I've had sex with over 15 girls and absolutely NONE of them mentioned my dick size. I made a lot of them cum and received lots of compliments from my performance in bed.
            You're scared to be humiliated by a girl. You know what? that can totally happened, but it's very unlikely and if it does then you have to deal with it and realize she did a bi*** move.
            How long are you gonna forbid yourself from having a normal sex life because of some potential heartless girl?
            I tell you, 99% of girls won't notice anything strange with your size and the 1% left would still complain about your physique no matter how big and hot you think you are.
            Time to man up and use your dick!
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              You are not old enough man. In fact, ur still at a very good age because natural HGH, testosterone and other hormones are still at good levels. I see you are a member here since 2015, but only have a few posts. You should read up on all the stick threads in this section, and other sections as well. Start on one of the beginner programs and keep track of your training. Actively engaging with this forum has helped me learn a lot of info too. Show us and mainly yourself how much you want to change.
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