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is it easier to gain girth or length?

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  • is it easier to gain girth or length?

    bit of a random one. suppose not on here as this site dedicated to this kind of stuff lol. Im currently doin a routine and ive seen sum minor gains within 2 weeks i was wondering wot kinda of gains come easier girth or length im currently wanting to increase both mainly girth over length because i believe that the strecthes within the program may lenghten my penis but take girth away from it thanks heyuptiger

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    Some find length gains easier to come by, others gain girth quickly. It really depends on your genetic composition and the amount of effort you put in.
    Always try to get your length goals first, as it is easier to gain length on less girth (as in my case). After that you can focus on girth.
    yes, stretches may cause a decrease in girth, so you should always jelq after doing the stretches or vice-versa.
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      He's right. It really does depend on genetics, to a great degree. I have always found it easier to gain in girth than in length, no matter the exercise.
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        ok cheers guys so jelqing seems to be one of the best excercises as it seems to d the busniess for both girth and length im following a routine but im still learning everyday by reading on here seems to be working as ive increased 0.2 inch EL and 0.1 EG in 2 weeks so and i cud be following it more strictly as well.


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          personaly so far i have found them much the same ,tho by reading many peoples logs length seems to be alot easier to come by in general.
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