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Fixing a Curve

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  • Fixing a Curve

    Hi there. I very new all to this and was wondering If I could some advice/help

    I have a pretty severe curve to the left side of my penis. I would say close to 45 degrees. Through search and skimming on here, I've been lead to believe that this can cured with forms of Jelqing. Does anyone have any advice or tips you could share with me? Thanks!

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    I got the same problem but a milder case than yours. I think what they recommend doing is one handed jelqs and mini jelqs. The mini jelqs you can look up by going to the exercise menu after home page, then in the top where it says filter by goal the first option is fix penis curve. Click on that. What I've been doing is since it curves a little to the left, during my jelq sessions, I throw in some one handed jelqs with my left hand and put more stress towards the thumb instead of all even and notice when you do that, it seems it will straighten it out. Hey I am new here so I can be wrong with the way I am trying to fix mine, so hopefully someone with experience in this can help you out.


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      Like I said I don't think I should be giving any advice since I am new here, it may be better to wait for someone that's been on here and has more knowledge, but I just wanted to share with you what I am currently doing.