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  • A little confused

    Hey guys i have just joined this site and have started on the 90 day newbie routine however im a little confused with the measuring subject , now in my progress post i mentioned how i wanted to improve my overall lying down lentgh this was due to the fact that i belive i use this the most for sex and how my gp said was the acurate way before (uk doctor) , so anyway last nite i was bit bored and i have read posts not only from this site but others with people doing it standing up straight , measuring sitting , or standing thrusting forward or backwords and like myself lying down , pushed into the pubic and some not pushing in , so now you can understand i am confused a little and even from surveys i have read do it diffrent from each other so is there a actual correct to measure the penis ???

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    Hi. I think the correct way to measure is bp. Sitting,standing, squating is up to you just measure the same way every time.


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      There are many different ways to measure the penis. I personally measure while I am sitting, so like W.F.O said; be consistent. Bone-pressed and non bone-pressed, flaccid or erect. I guess if you measured the lot (BPEL, NBPEL, NBPFL, BPFL, etc.) You will be able to monitor your gains more precisely in every area. Although for me, I just like measuring the one's that are in my signature Hope this helped you.
      FG: 4.25" +0.45
      FL: 5.19" +0.69
      EG: 4.75" +0.45
      BPFSL: 7.69" +1.58
      NBPEL: 7.25" +1.19
      BPEL: 7.677"+1.757


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        Thanks for the advice guys ..if i where to try standing up would it be thrusting forward or just stood up straight as possible not pressed against anything ??? im just gonna give this a try but im gonna revert back to lying down for me stats and hopefully gains.


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          Ah good question. I think the penis does actually go into the body more when sitting down and tucking the butt in.


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            Originally posted by doupdoupdoup View Post
            Ah good question. I think the penis does actually go into the body more when sitting down and tucking the butt in.
            Noticed that too

            Has for standing i tried it earlier and i wondered if i done it the right way , i stood up straight has possible and measured directly on top of the penis from pubic bone and from the skin , that sound the right way ????