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  • Hey guys

    im 18 but my pennis size is a 4.5 As a biggner what are great tips for me, to just starting making it bigger, stronger, and thiicker?. Any adivce from pros would be very thankful to me.

    Come on we all brothers in here. help each other out .


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    Welcome to the Gym, David,
    Take a look around. Read a bunch of threads. Learn to use the search function. Ask lots of questions! Decide on your goals. Start a log!
    The people here are really nice and very knowledgable. They genuinely want to help you attain your goals.
    What else would you like to know?
    Pirate Diplomacy:
    The art of telling someone to go to hell and having them look forward to the trip.

    Remember: If done right, there is no such thing as safe sex.


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      Pirate is EXACTLY RIGHT!

      And YES we ARE GENUINE with our concerns and helping.

      I would say do 3 things:

      1) Don't worry about your size, you have plenty to work with bro!, and you are VERY young, so you have the rest of your life to do PE.
      2) Start "JP's 90 day routine" immediately, and make sure you are doing all the exercises correctly.
      3) Look into buying an extender like "Fastsize" and use it after PE sessions. I have gained almost 1" with my extender (its an X4 labs brand) over 3 years and my friend (on here is "bgstick18") has gained over 2" with his extenders over 5 years. We are both just now beginning with actual exercises and hope to see major gains by doing both!!!

      ALSO, it would be a great idea to send "Remek" a personal message (PM) and see about buying a copy of Aaron Kemmer's book
      "Exercising the Penis", its my personal bible to all the PE that I do!!!


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        Welcome david,
        My first advice to you is to take it easy.

        Make sure you know what you are doing before doing anything and once you know then you can start. You are young and have plenty of time, so there is no hurry!

        Good luck and remember that we are all here to help!