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  • Goal-related question

    Hey guys,

    I had a question about goals. I have several goals for PE, and here they are. I want to have length of 7.5 inches, I want to get rid of my downward curve, even out my "baseball bat" effect, and finally get 5.5 inches of girth. My question is would it be better to just focus on length, then fix baseball bat, then girth, then curve? Or would it be better to go after all at the same time? What do you guys think? And what order would be best?

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    You probably wouldn't want to drop the curve since a up-/downward curve is a good things when you're in a girl.
    They like it since it hits the spots easier.
    I would go for length and later on girth at the same time as you even out your baseball bat.
    Measurements (Current):
    BPEL: 7.25"
    HG: ~6.25"|MEG:6.25"|Low shaft EG:6.5"|BG: 7"


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      Gyrta is right. I fully agree. Do JP's 90 day routine, and especially on focus your jelqing routine as to not get the baseball effect. You should be fine.