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    I'm new to penis exercising & confused. I'm commited to growing my penis to it max potential. To start I'm lost with all the acroynms such as BPFLS,BPEL etc is there a guide here to help with these until I catch on? Also what is the best way to get your measurements & should they be taken erect, soft, or both?
    There is so much info here I'm not sure which exercises a begginer like me should be doing, for how long & how often. Can anyone help me out.
    Thanks Fess

    O the measurements I did were fully erect
    Bone press 6&3/8
    Non bone 5&3/8
    Girth 5&1/8

    My dream is
    nonbone 8.5
    girth 6.5
    does this seam possible?

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    PEGym Forums - Announcements in Forum : Beginner's Forum

    This will help with most of your questions. If your using a routine like JP's 90 day, then follow his recomended time frame.
    The link will answer your acronym questions about measurments and such. After reading up on everything if you have anymore questions, just ask. Good luck!
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