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a few questions from a first time poster

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  • a few questions from a first time poster

    hello all, i found this site about five months ago have been experimenting since. i try to maintain a routine but lack of time is always a problem. i try to do streches and jelqes at least 3 times a week. usually at least 200 jelqes and 10 mins of stretches along with lots of edging cause i can only last a few minutes with vigerous thrusting. i have noticed some gains, mostly flaccid. i also kegal as much as i can i can hold 1 for about 3 mins. but doesnt seem to help with stamina yet, although edging is helping with control. i was wondering how much effect ciggarettes, coffee, alcohol and pot might have on gains. and also if i do follow a routine more closely, how many off days should i have in a row. btw i jelq with a and d ointment, works great, but stinks and is messy

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    Hi! Welcome, pal. I'll let others give you feedback on your routine. I'm going to respond to your question on cigs, alcohol, coffee and pot. This is strictly from my own experience.

    Cigs and alcohol are poisons. They should be eliminated if possible, or, of it is too difficult to go "cold turkey," at least reduced as much as possible. I went off coffee (my drug) and went on green tea and I found it helped me immensely with my blood flow. Good blood flow leads to good EQ's. Pot is another story altogether. Each person reacts differently to weed. And of course, it depends on how often you use it, how strong it is, etc. Bottom line, pot is a drug. A drug is a drug is a drug. It distorts our reality, I don't care what people may say. And the one thing we need when practicing p.e. is some reality. I would cut it out, or, again, at least reduce my use of pot.

    Hope this is helpful.
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      thanks for your reply, Going, in a perfect world i would quit it all, ive been wanting to, but whats first? lol i would have to say coffee. i was also wondering is there such thing as too many jelqs for a beginer, and is there anyt hing else i could do to increase stamina besides kegals and edging? ive read the same info over and over but the only thing that seems to help is edging, and that only helps my control minimally. stamina was the first reason i started reading about PE, but figured might as well go for the gusto