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  • Best Beginner Program for me?

    Hi all, sorry to post a special question for me but as i browsed through the forum i found lots of programs for beginners and of course now i don't know what to choose. I did about 2 weeks of jelk exercises and stretching some time ago but not regularly.
    My measurements are
    Erect Lenght : 5.7 in
    Girth (thickness) 5.1in

    Flacid lenght : 3.9 in

    My goal is to gain up to 7.0 - 7.1 in in lenght (erect) and as a secondary objective flacid lenght around : 4.7 in

    Also sometimes my flacid lenght shrinks under 3.9 in and sincerely i hate that. So i'm also looking for something that can keep my flaccid state between 3.9 and 4.7 in.

    I had good workout experience with Jelg's , 30 s stretches and heli streches. Currently i go to the gym regularly (cardio and strenght) and taking liquid amino acid and planing to stop the amino in 2 weeks time.

    I tried couple of months ago Babbis routine and i must say that it worked good, but i'm not keen on do 1 week and then take one month off, i would like something that i can keep doing, something that it's not aggressive so that i can have a healthy and durable gain.

    What do you guys recommend?

    Thanks for your time

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    I recommend JPs beginner routine, its what i use and it works great if its done correctly
    As of 1/2011
    Current Length: 7.25
    Current Girth: 4.25 under glands, 5.25 middle, 5.75 base
    BP Flaccid Length: ~5
    BP Flaccid Stretch ~7.5
    Goal: 8x6
    Slowly getting there..


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      Yep, follow JP's routine to the letter and you'll make some good gains.
      Start (1st October 2009): 6.25" BPEL, 4.4" EG

      Current (1st April 2010): 7.05" BPEL, 4.72" EG

      Ultimate Goal: 7.75" BPEL, 5.50" EG

      My PE Journey


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        Ok, thanks for the guidance. I'll do that and see how it works for me


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          I would agree with these guys. Start out with JP's routine. It's a great newbie one.
          Going411by7 (I was a grower; now I'm a shower).

          Oct. '03: BPEL 7.75" x 5" Flaccid 4" x 4"
          Feb. '04: BPEL 10.5" x 7" Flaccid 4" x 4"
          Oct. '08 BPEL 9.50" x 6" Flaccid 7" x 6"
          Feb. '09 BPEL 9.50" x 7" Flaccid 7" x 6.5"
          February '12 BPEL 9.5" x 6" Flaccid 7.5" x 6.25"
          June '13 BPFLS 11"
          January '19 BPEL 7" x 6.25" Flaccid 6" x 6.25"
          December '19 BPEL 7.5" X 6.5" Flaccid 6.5" x 6.5"

          "It's All Good!" Bob Dylan

          P.E.: My magnificent obsession

          "Can't stop! Won't stop! Why stop?!


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            Everyone here is right, find JPs 90 day beginner routine on here and do it.

            Stay with it and its important to not EVER overdo it, not just so you don't hurt yourself, but if you go at it too hard on a session, your penis will have more of a likelihood to "plateau" with your gains, because it will get used to a harder routine.


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              Ok so take my time doing the exercises and be "gentle" at first. Thanks all


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                Also, remember, CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY ABOVE ALL ELSE, stay consistent to ensure maximized gains.