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  • beginner tips please

    Hey guys im new here im 18 and i've read everything i need know to start on this journey and im very excited i dont care how long it takes to see my gains ill stay motivated at the moment im 6 inches long

    I was thinking if 10 min warm up normal stretching all sides 3 rounds and 10 min jelqing with 5 min warm down will be good 2 days on 1 day off for 3 months ? Or should i start with jp 90 day beginner routine and can someome explain the v jelqs or video i dont really understand it thanks 2 days on 1 day off? I have high lot according to what i've seen

    Id appreciate your tips thank you

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    Have you seen the Start Here link at the top left? Read the threads there, especially the one on Physiological Indicators, or PIs, which are critical in keeping safe and understanding if your routine is working.

    What you described is an okay beginner routine. JP90 is okay too. I think the LOT-theory is not followed much anymore. I'm not sure I ever got the V-jelq. Perhaps you should search the forum for the many other folks who asked that same question. 2-on 1-off means that you do your routine two days in a row, then take a "rest" day where you do NO PE or edging. No one here would fault you if your girl decides your "rest" day will be a sex day.

    Consider starting a log to track your progess. Then you can look back to see if a routine is working. Do the beginner routine (doesn't matter which) for three months to condition your unit. After three months, if you are gaining... keep doing what you are doing. If not, pick an intermediate routine like jelq-free. Try it for four weeks. If gaining, keep doing it. If not, ask for ideas on what to try next. Usually increasing repetitions/volume or intensity is the next step, but your log (including all the PI's along the way) will be critical in getting feedback from others here.

    Good luck!


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      Her is an illustration on v jelqing.

      How to V-jelq (Illustrations) - PEGym

      The theory behind LOT is that if it is high then you have more potential to make gain by stretching the ligs. Another thing you can do to help determine your lig stretching potential is the Mirror and Palpation Tests - Determine Your LOT Angle - PEGym.
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        Glad you are starting early! I'll be interested to know if you can make faster gains because you will be able to "heal" faster.
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